U-Pick Pricing



 🍊U-Pick will start for the season 🍊
in mid- November at Dooley Groves


Important  U-Pick Information

Please do not bring any valuables or purses out to U-Pick. Dooley Groves will not be responsible for loss of any item.

Children must be with a parent at all times.  NO Clippers for Children without direct Parental Supervision. Sorry… NO pets.

Backpacks or large bags/ large purses are NOT allowed out in the grove.

Dooley Groves reserves the right to inspect returning wagons, strollers and any other item.

Do Not eat the fruit directly off the tree while out in the grove. All U-Picked fruit needs to be washed off first, before eating.

All U-Pick sales are final. Pick only what you intend on paying for. You will be charged for all fruit picked.

U-Picked fruit cannot be mailed out of state. It is against Federal law.