Store Location

When you’re in Florida, please stop by and visit
Dooley Groves!

We’re on Florida’s warmer West coast, just at the mouth of Tampa Bay.

During the citrus season (NOVEMBER THROUGH MAY) we have juicy sweet fresh citrus fruit available to be shipped, enjoyed here or to be taken home, packed in easy to handle mesh bags.

Fresh-Picked Fun at Dooley Groves! U-PICK All Season Long! We’re now offering U-PICK Clementines in November, Sugarbelles in December, Ortaniques and Tango Tangerines in late-February and March,  Honey Tangerines and Rio Red Grapefruit from March through April. Call us for current variety availability.

Come to the Enchanted Honeybell Grove! We take you on a guided tour of our grove. U-PICK HONEYBELLS starting December 26th and throughout January and February! Come on out to the largest U-Pick Honeybell Grove in Florida! Our new Honeybell Grove  is open every day from 10 am through 4 pm and you can pick your own Honeybells right off the tree! It’s easy and the kids just love it! We go U-Picking every day, as long as it doesn’t rain. These are the BEST citrus fruit you will ever taste! Call 813-645-3256 if you need more information.

Fresh Squeezed Florida Orange Juice

We also have the best Orange Juice you’ll ever taste!

It’s freshly-squeezed … no sugar or preservatives added. Nothing but what Sweet Mother Nature intended!

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