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Helping Papa Plant a New Sugarbelle Grove

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More New Growth!

In June, 2015, we planted more Sugarbelle trees. They should be ready for a Christmastime 2017 harvest.

Sugarbelles are a relatively new variety- a cross between a Clementine Tangerine and a Honeybell!  We call them Honeybell’s Little Cousins!

3-1/2 year old grandbabies, Jay and Aria are ”helping” their Papa plant a new baby Sugarbelle tree. They actually planted several all by themselves, with proud Papa looking on.



One year-old Reed is supervising… making sure Papa does it right!

A new generation of citrus growers?


The Newest Weapon in the Fight Against Citrus Greening!

Keeping Our Trees Healthy

In the fight against of Citrus Greening, Dooley Groves has a new weapon- the TreeSteamer. This machine covers 3 trees at a time and in just a couple of minutes, treats the tree with STEAM- no chemicals at all. The temperature under the canopy reaches about 125 degrees F for about 30 seconds.


After Thermotherapy steam treatment, the bacteria that causes this citrus disease is dead and the tree can begin to take up nutrients again and stay healthy. We’ll treat all our trees about once a year to keep them beautiful and producing high quality fruit for years to come. Thermotherapy is not a cure for Citrus Greening, but a very positive treatment.
Dooley Groves is only one of a handful of citrus growers in Florida to use this technology.

Flying Around the Honeybell Grove!